Posted on 16 August 2019

Briggie is white, red hair, stunningly gorgeous and the mother of three young children.

So the fact she has chosen Snoop Dogg as her image for this interview just gives you a hint at the kind of personality we are dealing with.

Briggie is our cousin but more like a sister.

Her, Sacha and Zoe make their own trio of the Bitches of Eastwick and I grew up seeing this trio dressing up, going out, causing trouble and then hysterically laughing their hangovers away.

Brig also starred in a Coca-Cola commercial sometime in the 90s.

She flicked her flowing long red hair and then took a seductive sip of the Coke, I spent the next year asking our grandmother Manya if there was any chance my dark hair could turn to red during puberty.

To know Briggie is to fall deeply and madly in love with her.

Seriously, I have not met one person who doesn't fall for her happy- go -lucky attitude, ridiculous enthusiasm and all round hilarity.

The fact that she is a babe also doesn't hurt.

She is Goldie Hawn meets the Ja Rule song Livin it Up.

A self-confessed nudist, a thief at the local corner store till the age of 10 and a hardcore Princess Diana fan which no one will ever let go of.

I could tell a million stories to try to describe Brig, like the time she rocked up to Palm Beach for a weekend away, on a boat, waving glamorously at the family who were desperately awaiting her arrival (ok it was me, I was the desperate one), while the rest of us plebs drove.

Or when she went to a nightclub after her wedding reception instead of the hotel room, in her wedding dress.

But I rather let Briggie speak for the other stories probably border on illegal.
Q: Why have you chosen to be Snoop Dogg for this interview
B: I love his vibe, energy and attitude...and let's just say - I feel a connection
Q: The connection between you and Snoop is real. How did you get involved in The Naked Tiger because you are a little bit famous in your own right with your chef work and cookbook?
B: It's a sister thing. When we were kids we use to play a game where we worked together in a business, with an imaginary boss called Mr Goldfinger. So this is kind of a life long dream.
Q: I am so happy to take on the role of Mr Goldfinger, just need to run it by Zo. Dream person to wear The Naked Tiger?
B: Rihanna! Hands down! Don't even need to think, easiest question.
Q: Song you know all the lyrics too?
B: Fast Car by Tracy Chapman and Stairway to heaven by Led Zeppelin.
Q: Go to party outfit, past or present?
B: My year 12 formal dress. It was a black mini and all sheer except for two bands covering my boobs and bottom half. Sexy as hell. It was the era of Michael Hutchence and Kylie Minogue.
Q: All time crush?
B: George...and I don't mean my husband, definitely Clooney.
Q: Your style icon?
B: Kate Moss.
Q: What did you want to be as a child? Besides Princess Diana...
B: Well I still feel like I haven't grown up but I guess a nurse.
Q: What do you hope for the future of The Naked Tiger?
B: To keep on keeping on.
Q: Right on sista sledge, ok what nightclub did you go to after your wedding reception?
B: The Cauldron in Kings Cross.
Q: You are that cool.

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