Posted on 10 May 2019

Zoe has chosen to be pictured as Keith Richards for this blog.

Zoe is the Creator, Designer and all round king shit of The Naked Tiger.

What started as an Instagram of fashion and people that inspired her has turned into the badass clothing label that you see now.

Not only does she have the talent of creating items that cater to a wildness and freedom within women, but she also has the eye of recognising unique designs and stocking them in her store.

Zoe was always dressed in the wildest of clothing and had this freakish ability to wear something outrageous, cop shit for it and then see it pictured six months later on the hottest celebrity.

She never conformed or gave a fuck what people thought of her.

She also worked her ass off in clothing stores, designing for Australian labels and creating her own items to sell at markets.

It wasn't until the birth of her son that her innate need to be creative kicked in again.

And with zero backing and no idea what she was doing, The Naked Tiger was born.

She is in my opinion, the ultimate example of success being achieved purely on talent, patience, hard work and a fuck you attitude thrown in for good measure.

She is also my sister, so I sat down to ask her some questions, it went semi well
Q: Why choose this Keith Richards photo for this interview?

ZOE: Well I have regularly looked like him in that photo. And I've always been the nightmare child of my siblings and the wildest, so I relate to Keith.

Q: So if The Naked Tiger was the Rolling Stones, you would be Keith?

ZOE: Yeah cause he is the coolest and obviously the most talented.

Q: Mick is clearly the coolest, so I am Mick but we can argue about this later.
You have kind of perfected the art of authenticity ( I say kind of cause I don't want to inflate your ego). When it comes to what you wear, how you interact with people and your business, you've always stuck to your guts. How did you cultivate that? Is it just in-grained or did it take practice to say this is who I am and what I'm creating no matter anyone else's opinions?

ZOE: I definitely learnt it from my family but I've never followed rules with anything in my life. I don't really care what other people think so I've never asked for outside opinions and I don't dish out my views to other people either unless asked. Family excluded of course. I just never gave a fuck what people thought.

Q: Who is your dream person to wear The Naked Tiger?

ZOE: Keith Richards

Q: Keith in the cropped Hell Tank would be amazing. How did The Naked Tiger get its name?

ZOE: An old friend started calling me Tiger and it stuck, so Tiger or Tiges has been my nickname and the Naked part, we'll I'll leave that up to your imagination.

Q: Go to outfit to party (past or present)?

Zoe: Boob tube, 70's boob tube, 100%. That was my staple item back in the day and I still back it.

Q:  Biggest difficulty you have faced in designing and running The Naked Tiger?

ZOE: Probably the beginning of it, working out social media and how that could be used to share my designs or other peoples designs that I thought were cool.

Q: What did you want to be as a child?

ZOE: Peter Pan, still do.

Q: What or who do you draw inspiration from?

ZOE: Family only, and that's the truth.

Q: What was the turning point in The Naked Tiger where it went from a creative outlet to a business?

ZOE: I still don't call it a business...

Q: All time crush?

ZOE: Mark Wahlberg from Boogie Nights, will never move on.

Q: Dirk Diggler forever, ok last question, can I have a raise?

Zoe: Your fired...

Q: Fair call.
By Sophia Irvine

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