Posted on 11 April 2019

Many things inspire what we design, who it is for and what it should be named.

Mostly its the idea of a powerful woman, a woman who can be seductive, smart, wild but in control of her life.

We also dig the naughty and saucy, the rebels and creatives who did a lot of crazy shit but also made a lot of magic.

In order to go forward, we look back at the women whose style and attitude made us think FUCK YES. Who inspire us to carve our own path and express who we are, or who we want to be.

So it's no surprise our very first item was named after Bianca Jagger.

Bianca embodies what it is to be a Tiger.

Her clothes pushed the boundaries of what was acceptable and her behaviour followed suit.

Plus we firmly believe a woman can be independent and intelligent whilst also getting her tits out and dancing on table tops, not to say this 100% happened with Miss Jagger but we can assume...or dream.

We wanted to be Bianca Jagger.

Bianca was front and centre during the 70's, the woman who could keep up with the Rolling Stones, attending every concert, never leaving the party early and still managing to wake up the next day, put on her platform shoes and do it all over again.

She exuded the sentiment that a woman cannot be tamed, and despite her party girl exterior, she is still a mother, runs a Human rights foundation and has spent majority of her life as a goodwill ambassador.

She's also rode a fucking horse into her birthday at Studio 54.

Ok, so we still want to be Bianca Jagger.

And that sentiment is sewn into our garments (figuratively, obviously)

Our clothes push the boundaries, much like the people they are named after.

We have a soft spot for all things 70's and 80's but mostly it's the idea of this freedom and fun and possibility that surrounded the time that we want to pay homage to.

When did we all get so serious and judgemental about our identity and how we display our bodies?

And so what we create is clothing that celebrates the female form, that sparkles and demands all the attention, named after our icons.

A throwback to the legends who inspire us to dress and live a little braver.

We want our Tigers to be the Bianca Jagger's of the world, confident to wear what fully expresses you, without doubts or hesitation if its acceptable.

Fuck acceptable.

We rather be riding horses into nightclubs, thank you very much.

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