Posted on 19 June 2019

"Never complain, never explain"

Rarely heard but always seen, we couldn't go past model and living legend Kate Moss as one of our muses.

She ruled (will always rule) the modelling world but she was almost never heard from.

Because her style, her attitude and her work spoke a thousand words.
We like to interpret that as a fuck off to the media who tried to judge her behaviour.

She can smoke, drink and party harder than anyone and feels no need to justify her lifestyle just because she is female, and beautiful.

Johnny Depp, Colin Farrell and Leonardo Di Caprio all get celebrated for their bad boy ways. Which is fine, just don't bring the double standard to Kate Moss, she doesn't want to hear about it, she is too busy enjoying her life to give a fuck.

Plus you don't get to where Moss is in any industry without hustling fucking hard.
Starting at the age of 14 with The Face magazine, her career went from strength to strength and that doesn't happen without a serious work ethic. No matter how pretty you are or who you are dating (Johnny + Kate forever!)

Her style is iconic, from attending The Golden Globes in a skin tight sequin dress (an homage to Julie Christie in Shampoo) to her rain boots with a mini dress and belt at Glastonbury. Kate moss brings her unique and frankly, flawless style to any setting.

She throws back to the 70's, having hung out with Anita Pallenberg and having an extravagant Bowie themed birthday party. She may be the 90's it girl but it's clear she is a rock and roller at heart.

With so much of her life in the public eye, Kate has seemingly let judgements slide off her back and is an inspiration to everyone that how you live your life is nobodies business as long as you are putting in the work.
With thirty plus years in a industry known for chewing people up and spitting them out, you can't doubt that Moss has put in the work.

In the face of scandal and set backs, Miss Moss simply re-set her life. Taking time away and then re-surfacing, without apologises or explanation.

She launched her own empire by designing with Top Shop, working with British Vogue as a contributing fashion editor and eventually creating her own modelling agency. Which includes her own daughter Lila Grace as one of it's rising stars.

Which ties Kate Moss to many of our muses here at The Naked Tiger, she is a mother. And nothing is more badass to us then a female who can kill it in her career, maintain her individuality and raise a child.

Kate Moss is a tiger, and a very good one at that.

May we all live by one of her few quotes "Why not?...Why can't I have fun all the time?"
By Sophia Irvine

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