Posted on 22 July 2019

There is nothing normal about The Naked Tiger.
So it makes perfect sense that the owner and creator of The Naked Tiger didn't start off with the intention of this being a global fashion brand.
We don't think that far ahead, despite Zoe's background in fashion, it was more so, here is an Instagram of all the images I love, the style I dig, the people and brands I think are cool. Take it or leave it.
Yet what happened was some cosmic form of social media magic and The Naked Tiger sky rocketed in followers.
Why? I think because we have an authentic style and fuck it attitude.
We didn't just get followers, we got big followers, famous followers. Like holy shit can I have your autograph followers.
How? Our serious worth ethic...jokes. There is no way to really know but I believe it is some form of karma. That the most outrageously stylish person, the girl that you couldn't help ask where her pants were from, and the girl who said "whatever" when someone said her skirt was too short, finally got some recognition for her talent.
Clothing was a natural step for The Naked Tiger, the inspo is still there but we want to bring a style and attitude that's available to purchase.
The fact that anyone buys our clothes is still an incredible compliment to us. And the fact that celebrities wear our clothes is just the icing on the cake.
So I'm going to break some things down for you folks.
Firstly, The Naked Tiger has never purchased followers or paid one person to wear our clothing.
Scouts honour, we have no ambassadors, if you see a celebrity wearing our clothing, it is because they want to.
Notice how we are never tagged in any celebs pictures, that's because we don't pay them. And this is no disrespect to those celebrities who get paid to post, or the companies that do so. A lady has to hustle and Instagram is a thriving business.
We just have never gone down that route.
So what happens is, a blogger, stylist or PR person will contact and ask for clothing.
If it's a blogger who we vibe with, especially those who have posted us in the past. Then we give them the product for free and ask (kindly, because manners are still relevant) if they will tag us in the post. Then we re-post it, tagging them, everybody wins!
Now if it is a BIG BIG celebrity, it is basically take whatever you want and take it now.
If a huge celeb reaches out via their team, you gotta risk it for the biscuit and send out the items they have requested. A lot of times they never wear it, which is a bummer but this is how the game works. If you don't want to pay them.
Then sometimes, something incredible happens that we still don't know how to explain.
Its luck, really. They clearly liked the items and wore them and have posted them or been papped in them.
It is really a holy shit moment for any brand, but especially us, starting with an inspo Instagram and then going into clothing that is risqué as some would say.
We just call it hot.
How exactly this happens, no idea. This is just how we run things at The Naked Tiger currently, and we certainly have had some good juju when it comes to "Star Fucking" if I'm going to be truthful.
That being said, we honestly LOVE it when anyone wears our clothes.
It means so much to a designer that what they have created reasonates with people.
Hence why we Insta story our customers in our clothing, if they have tagged us, aka please tag us, we bet you look cool as fuck.
So now we have revealed our secrets, we hope this has given you a little insight into our company, and if you are starting out your own instagram business, maybe this could be of some guidance?
Keep going, stick to your guts, play the game in a way that feels truthful to you and sometimes shit just works out.
By Sophia Irvine

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