Posted on 25 March 2019

Janice Dickinson by Peter Beard
If you're here, firstly, thank you.

Secondly apologises in advance for the swearing.

Thirdly if your offended by swearing you probably shouldn't be here.

With our new blogposts we are hoping to fill the void of what it actually means to be a tiger.

What our goal is, who we are and how we want that to help you be you.
The wildest version of you.

This blog will be filled with things that inspire us and why we are the way we are and what shapes that, what makes you and us a tiger and how can we live that to our fullest potential.

Being a relatively small, female and Australian run brand we hope to convey the message that you can wear and be whoever the fuck you want.

Feel like wearing a see through corset dress named after our favourite folk singer, do  it.

Want to rock around on a Sunday morning wearing a robe that says Morning Sex whilst possibly listening to INXS and deciding not to regret your decisions from last night, we back that.

There is no hard and fast rule on how to be a woman OR how to dress like one.

Fuck that really.

So stay tuned for all that we are going to share, the good the bad and the nude.
And welcome to the ambush.

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